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Laminate flooring or “pergo style flooring” has rapidly become one of the top choice products for flooring in Bay area and San Francisco. Compared to competing floor covering types laminate has achieved the greatest distinction throughout the dealer's showroom and the customer’s home. To fully realize the dynamics of this products esteem, read the categories below which list all aspects of its qualities and design.

We have a laminate flooring special for the whole bay area paid only $3.29 sqft for all labor and materials check out our special pages for more discounts in our line of laminate flooring or pergo style flooring

Manufacturing: Laminate flooring products in the Bay Area are manufactured using the latest technology and equipment around. These products are produced using manufacturing tolerances that were previously unheard of, which results in higher customer satisfaction for the perfect "out of the box" fit and finish of the material. Any consumer who has experienced Laminate flooring will undoubtedly desire another.

A large percentage of our Oakland laminate floor clientele has grown because of satisfied laminate floor owners in East Bay who have recommended friends, family and business associates.

Installation: With today's modern systems and array of artistic choices, the installation of your laminate flooring is done with ease and availability of options. The steps are so simple that the average customer can successfully install his or her own flooring. Yet why use valuable work or play time when professional laminate floor installations come at an affordable, relatively low cost? In comparison to installing an alternative floor covering system, your laminate flooring can be put in at astonishingly attractive rates! Starting only $3.29 sqft for all included call today 866-670-1239 for your free estimate or visit our on-line calculator for laminate flooring in the Bay Area & San Francisco.

The majority of our laminate flooring customers in Hayward and Castro Valley chose laminate as their flooring option because of its low cost and easy maintenance.

Also, the “floating system” provides Laminate flooring with nearly unlimited application in areas throughout the home or office space, while still allowing same day installation and use is a normal and popular system for laminate flooring installation in Emeryville.

Core Materials: The core characteristics of today's advanced High Density Fiberboard include excellent dimensional stability, impact attrition, and effective moisture resistance, making Laminate flooring a smart fit for any and all daily or occasional conditions.

With ease of installation and simple cleaning procedures, more of our Bay Area clients have found laminate flooring to be a sensible selection.

Surfaces and Designs: Laminate flooring options come in a diversity of characters! Since the surface appearance of laminate flooring can be made to resemble any type of floor covering, both in look and in texture, the consumer now has the option to enjoy the stunning effects of traditional stones, hardwoods, and ceramic tiles while avoiding the high maintenance and costs of those types of floor coverings. Advanced technologies in digital printing and imaging have created laminate floor designs and appearances that are unmistakably similar to the original looks of woods, stones and ceramics. Given its assortment of surfaces and effects, today’s Laminate Flooring styles can accommodate every room in the home, making it an inexpensive and dynamic floor-covering alternative.

We are pleased to be able to say that following our laminate installation jobs in Sunnyvale and in the Bay Area our customer’s positive reactions continue to prove that the looks of laminate flooring are unexpectedly impressive.

Wear Layers: The average wear layer of Laminate Flooring is the focal point of the laminate industry. With the combined capabilities of exhibiting a detailed design while also offering the maximum strength in wear protection, laminate flooring fulfills the most basic expectations for product durability with an added charm.

Coordinating Trims and Transitions: Preparing to install laminate flooring requires special attention for expansion zones, between certain rooms and around 'island' sectionals. While these particulars used to be considered a complicated aspect of Laminate flooring and of floating installation systems, today they are handled in easy and accurate ways, ensuring detailed and thorough work. With the modern, coordinated trim pieces and specialized mounting systems, Laminate flooring manufacturers have made those 'complications' vanish, displacing them with chic, unnoticeable trims for the wall and floor areas.

Warranties: Laminate flooring in the Bay Area extends top of the line warranty options to consumers at the most agreeable prices available in the floor covering industry. Consumers have come to expect higher efficiency from Laminate flooring than they do any other traditional floor coverings, and we set our standards high to meet those expectations.

Our laminate flooring customers in Alameda, Castro Valley, Berkeley and all of the Bay Area walk away feeling satisfied and secure.

Care and Maintenance: We only use state of the art Laminate flooring complete with state of the art wear layers that make maintaining the floor’s surface simple. For the home owners who utilize throw rugs and mats at entryways and high traffic areas, regular care will require nothing more than weekly care of the flooring using a standard dry cotton dust mop. This simple dry mop method takes care of most daily wear. Even shoe scuffs can be removed from the Laminate flooring surface using this technique. [Gummy or sticky areas can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth followed by a dry wipe. The entire floor does not need to be "washed" to get those 1 or 2 areas clean. For best results, we suggest regularly removing the head of the cotton dust mop and putting it in the washing machine for a thorough cleanse. For the most complete advantages, dry it in a standard dryer and continue to enjoy its simple use for years of easy care.

Moreover, with today’s flawless manufacturing methods, simple installation, state of the art materials, top of the line designs and textures, remarkable wear potential, charming trims and chic accessory options, strong warranty coverage, and easy care and maintenance, Laminate Flooring offers a floor covering that raises the bar for alternative floor covering options. Contact us today to receive an estimate for laminate flooring in your Bay Area property!

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