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The majority of people are more familiar with Laminate counter tops than with laminate flooring. Particularly in North America, several manufacturers’ names have come to be commonly known to members of the average household. The manufacturer Formica is one good example. Actually, many people make reference to their counters as "Formica" counter tops. That is because these people are unaware of the fact that this is not a "type" of counter top, but rather just a manufacturer of a specific kind of surface. Our growing technology has come to evolve in such a way that it enables us to now make floor coverings fundamentally out of the same material.

Laminate advantages

Many of our Richmond clients, and in general our Bay Area clients, are spreading the word on laminate “pergo style” flooring, allowing more people to understand what it is and why it has advantages. Laminate floors were created by applying extremely wear resistant top layers (resins) to a solid center core. Laminate Flooring is simply a multi-layered, wood based floating floor system. While these products have already been in Europe for roughly 20 to 30 years, they are just now making a great impression on North America.  We install Pergo style laminate flooring in the whole entire bay area, from San Jose To Napa valley and anywhere in between.

Laminate Construction

Generally, Laminate floors are made up of the layer pattern listed below, beginning from the top to the bottom:

• Top wear layer
• Decorative pattern or "image" layer
• Processed wood core: usually M.D.F. (medium density fiber board) or H.D.F. (high density fiber board)
• Bottom balancing layer (typically including a moisture barrier)

These panels are manufactured into flooring by either one of two potential methods, resulting in either High Pressure Laminates (HPL) or Direct Pressure Laminates (DPL). Using the DPL method all the layers are bound together by the exertion of extraordinary heat and pressure occurring in the same instant. Yet with the HPL process more than one step is necessary. Usually the wear panel and image panel are initially fused together, and then that resulting layer is bonded to the core via an additional process.

Understanding the intricate way laminate flooring products are composed allows one to appreciate both their durability and simplicity. As a multi-paneled product, laminate flooring not only allows an essential balancing layer to ensure stability and moisture control, but also has a top decorative layer, adding to its practical points an aesthetically pleasing aspect. Our customers in Berkeley, South San Francisco and San Mateo have found laminate flooring to be the sensible and stylish choice.

Available Sizes

The standard or most popular measurements for Laminates come in planks of either 7, 8 or 12 inches wide, and approximately 4 feet long. Given the complex nature of the planks, manufacturers typically focus on styling the product according to the shape of the plank. This subsequently results in, for example, duplicating the various looks of wood, imitating the appearance of natural stones, or creating the look of ceramic tiles, in some cases even representing grout lines and other minute, realistic details. Laminate floors are often sold in pre-set packages ranging from 15 to 36 square feet, but are also retailed by using per/ square foot pricing.

With the combination of durable layering designed by the latest technology, natural appearances, easy cleaning and environmentally safe components, it’s no wonder so many of our Alameda customers, Richmond and Bay Area clients, have taken the initiative to get laminate flooring in their building or home.


Most all Laminate flooring carry wear and tear warranties ranging anywhere from ten to twenty-five years of coverage. Many laminate coverings available on the market also have "water" or "moisture" warranties. It is always crucial to consult the manufacturer so as to know PRECISELY what their warranty does and does not cover, and to know specifically how long it is effective. Do not refrain from asking seemingly “unintelligible” questions. All major manufacturers have toll free information phone lines and websites accessible for your convenience. You are a valued and paying customer and your inquiries and interests pertaining to laminates are our initiatives for business.

Here to Stay!

Laminate floors are here to stay. No other flooring type offers the multifaceted advantages of having "cherry" and "ceramic tile" style patterns together as one floor, "floating" over concrete in a garage turned game room, or in a den turned baby room. Based on the responses from our customers in Fremont, Orinda/Moraga, we are confident that our Laminate floors look great, are simple to maintain, are long lasting, and come at affordable, value prices.
Specials for laminate flooring installation $3.29 sqft ALL INCLUDED!

Oakland wood floors have a special in laminate “Pergo style” flooring that included:

  1. Any 8mm. AC3 rated Laminate “Pergo style” flooring or Slip resistant Labor and Materials
  2. Carpet removal FREE!
  3. Basic Baseboards 3-3/4" white: materials and installation FREE!
  4. Flooring Preparation FREE (normal preparation)!
  5. Laminate Transitions Materials and installation FREE!
  6. We even up-grade your underlayment FREE!
  7. Materials are warranty for 15 years no extra cost!
  8. Labor is warranty for 2 years no extra cost!
  9. Cleaning kit for your floors at retail value of $56.00 yes! We give it to you for FREE!

Note: This offer never expires is valid for the bay area from south bay including San Jose, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale to the san Francisco area laminate stairs are charge separate call today 866-670-1239 to get a free estimate for laminate flooring installation



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