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Laminate flooring was created in the early 1980's. The comprehensive compound is made up of separate component layers which are then fused together by high heat and pressure, making up the final product in your home. With the rise in technology Laminate flooring has rapidly evolved over the past few years, resulting in attractive, durable flooring that is practical, easy to install and environmentally friendly.

Our customers in Berkeley and throughout the bay area are very environmentally conscious. Our laminate flooring services in Berkeley, Emeryville, Lafayette, Santa Clara, and all throughout the greater bay area continue to meet the safety standards of environmentally concerned customers is the time to be “GREEN”.

How does it impact the environment?

So how does Laminate flooring production impact the environment? Ask By Rose Smith, Oakland California.

Laminate flooring ( pergo style flooring ) satisfies the environmentally safe features below:

  • Low VOC emission levels
  • Utilizes a great percentage of renewable resource materials, primarily in the core layer
  • It has no heavy metal components
  • It is durable and long lasting flooring
  • The majority of laminate floors are installed without the use of chemical glues
  • Utilizes large amounts of wood and paper residue streams, providing upgraded use for normal waste streams
  • Underlay minimizes surface prep work required
  • Most laminate floorings using by Us rely on cellulose and thermosetting resins (a 3-D network of bonds that easily lends itself to recycling). The primary element in laminate flooring are wood residue streams such as saw dust, panel trimmings etc., which are enforced mainly in the center core layer. Some paper and agricultural materials may be additionally used.

Our Customers in Walnut Creek choose laminate flooring or pergo style flooring because it’s more affordable than tile, lasts longer, and supports a healthy environment.

Laminate consists of a bottom layer, a core layer, a printed décor layer, as well as an outer, protective wear layer. The core is most often referred to as a HDF or MDF (high or medium density fiber) board and is made up of resins and wood fibers mended with heat and pressure. The surface and bottom or back layers are a compilation of paper and resins, also fused together by heat and pressure occurring in the same instant. The decorative layer is typically a paper adorned and printed with color which allows for a vivid visual. The resin system and all pigments used in the production of laminate flooring are water based, and generally do not involve solvents or heavy metal elements.

Our customers in Atherton and Belmont have expressed complete satisfaction with both the decorative quality and protective quality of our laminate flooring.

All of our Laminate floors are regularly given one of the most excellent qualifications for low emission levels attributed to volatile organic components (VOC), including but not limited to formaldehyde. Given this, many manufacturers of laminate flooring are involved in some form of environmental aide and labeling (e.g. USGBC LEED, FloorScore, GreenGuard, CHPS 1350, Blue Angel, Nordic Ecolabel, etc.). Although Indoor Air Quality is considered just one crucial aspect of environmental health, laminate flooring continues to excel in enhancing this quality.

Given this, all of our laminate flooring services in Orinda, Berkeley, Pacifica, Redwood Shores and everywhere in between, result in satisfied customers who have not only enhanced the beauty of their homes, but find they have also increased their quality of living by enjoying better air quality with less maintenance demands.

The chemically stable cured resins and high fiber counts make laminate flooring acclimatized for recycling, which is the environment’s preferred option for waste disposal and material renewal. The characteristics of laminate flooring parallel to those of construction waste, and thus can be land-filled or used for ‘waste-to-energy’ functions as suitable.

Like many of our customers in the Bay Area, we are committed to the simple procedures of recycling which aide life in the long run. Our customers in Berkeley take special interest in the ‘waste-to-energy’ functions of flooring types, and have happily chosen our laminate flooring based on their findings.

In short, our laminate flooring in Bay Area can be noted for having many environmentally friendly aspects:

  • Raw materials (designed to minimize virgin resource streams)
  • An underlay that minimizes the under-floor preparation required
  • Glue-less installation
  • Easy disassembly and eco-friendly disposal
  • Low product emissions
  • Low maintenance
  • Good durability
  • With the ongoing growth and evolution of laminate products, environmental issues will perpetually play a role in the way the next generation of laminate products are developed and designed.

With growing concerns for recycling, the ozone layer and global welfare, we have noticed an increase in laminate sales and continue to find more of our customers considering laminate as an environmentally safe alternative. If you have any other questions or concerns about laminate flooring installation in the Bay Area, San Jose, San Francisco or anywhere In California just send us an email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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