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Why use valuable family, work or play time when we have affordable professionals to do the job for you? Rent a Crew takes care of all the logistics and hassles that need to be managed during home improvement.  A professional flooring crew in San Leandro, Oakland, San Francisco, Alameda, El cerrito, San Mateo, Redwood city, almost anywhere in the bay area and San Francisco. For only $590.00 per day.

We will find, hire and secure trained professionals according to your specific needs– to fix up your floors with ease! This way you get exactly what you want done, how you want it done, with no hassle. Rent a crew is a home improvement staffing company that provides the services of professional, trustworthy trades-people to home owners, building contractors, and sub-contractors, while offering quality employment to experienced personnel. This means we select our trades-people from a pool of the best, and then allocate them so that their individual expertise meets your distinct needs.  Rent a Crew customers range from the general public to the professional realm of general contractors, subcontractors and facilities managers working on commercial and residential projects, new construction, remodels and renovations.  We make it our personal goal to manage administrative, recruiting and hiring duties, so that you can stay focused on important, personal goals of your own. Every stage of your construction will be conducted by trades-people who are specialized in that job, ensuring quick, accurate results, every time. This makes Rent a Crew’s system precise and time efficient, which allows you to direct your attention to your occupation, deadlines, and other projects or activities in life.

Given this, you gain accuracy and freedom at an affordable cost! Rent a Crew services come at relatively low prices. Examples of the jobs a hard wood floor crew could provide for you include:

1 Crew consisting of 2 to 3 skilled trades-people, hardwood floor installers, offering professional work in:

· Flooring demolition
· Sub floor preparation in Oakland
· Brand new floors installation and sanding in San Leandro
· Trim, baseboards , crown molding, landings, hardwood floor reducers
· Steps, brand new installations, repairs, and refinish
· Carpet removal
· Removal of water stain and urine stains
· Hardwood floor refinish in Berkeley
· Hardwood floor stain in Emeryville
· Hardwood floor repair in East Bay
· Pre-finish wood floors installation
· Buffing or screening
· Water coatings
· Oil base coatings

2.) Also, every piece of professional equipment needed from start to finish will be provided: from a wood floor sander to the hardwood floor nailer, and anything necessary along the way!

3.) Each crew and its members are provided with reliable transportation to guarantee they are there every day, come rain or shine!

4.) Paid gas included (additional charge on projects located over 35 miles from head quarters)

5.) 8 full hours of labor paid for. In this time the flooring professionals can finish a 2 bedroom installation-- top nail and usually apply the first coating or wood stain; in the same amount of time they can refinish anywhere from 4+ rooms (depends on the size), with a full refinish and a first coat of oil base polyurethane, or a full coat of stain.

All of this comes at only $590.00 per day--an amazing deal! There are no extra charges for these services, but the customer may have to provide all the material, or pay extra to us to provide materials.

Ease into change--Rent a crew today!

Servicing all of the East Bay! Berkeley; Oakland; San Leandro; Emeryville; Castro Valley!

Rent a professional flooring crew in Berkeley, Oakland, San Francisco, Albany, El cerrito, San Mateo, Redwood city, almost anywhere in the bay are and San Francisco. For only $590.00 per day


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