1. We inspect the floor making sure are clean and ready to go!
  2. We make sure all your property is well cover!
  3. Prep work if needed help with the moving of furniture Etc.
  4. Belt sander coarse cut, 36 grit to remove it all
  5. Edger sander coarse cut, 36 grit for the hardw to reach areas.
  6. Identify damages parts. Get client's approval for replaces. Make replaces.
  7. Edger sander medium cut, 50 or 60 grit.
  8. Set exposed nail heads.
  9. We apply wood filler over entire floor this reduces noises.
  10. Belt sander medium cut, 50 or 60 grit ( to remoce excess dry filler).
  11. Edger sander fine cut, 80 or 100 grit.
  12. Set newly exposed nails.
  13. Hand scrape corners and hard to reach areas
  14. Scrape corners and other areas inaccessible for the rest of the equipment!
  15. We inspect the floors making sure look great, and Vacuum them!
  16. Set newly exposed nails yeah
  17. Fine screen with buffer, 100 to 120 grit
  18. Clean and vacuum floor thoroughly
  19. Apply coat of finish.Yeah finally
  20. Screen floor with buffer. Vacuum
  21. Apply second coat of finish
  22. We make sure all looks great! and meet or exceed the standars of quality of the NWFA, final coating is apply after a 220 grit screen sanding to make a super smooth finish yes
  23. Now you enjoy your new great wood floors ! great



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